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If you are looking for a platform where you could add value to yourself and be a blessing to people in your community and/or country at large, Road Accident Intervention Initiative is a good place for you. Here at Road Accident Intervention Initiative (RAII) we collaborate with volunteers everywhere in Nigeria to effectively deliver and serve road users, members and victims better and faster. We seek volunteers from all the 774 local government in Nigeria.

There are currently eight (8) departments in Road Accident Intervention Initiative where volunteers can show interest and make a difference.

1.Road Safety Information and Sensitization Department (RSISD)

2. Media Department (MD)
3 .Registration Facilitations Department (RFD)
4 .Road Accident Alert Department (RAAD)
5 .Hospital Visitation Department (HVD)
6 .Road Situation Report Department (RSRD)
7 .Road Safety Volunteer Department (RSVD)
8 .Grant Facilitation Department (GFD)

To be a volunteer you need to indicate interest in one or not more than three (3) department(s) where you would like to function in RAII. Where would you like to make a difference? How to become Volunteer?

1. Must be a member
2. Must apply online
3. Correctly and completely fill volunteer application form and select department(s) of your choice and;
4. Submit volunteer application form.

Applicant shall be contacted via e-mail address or SMS notification for further information.

Kindly fill the volunteer form: