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Here at Road Accident Intervention Initiative (RAII), a non-governmental organization, we respect your privacy and take your privacy seriously.

We are a non-governmental organization registered in Nigeria with registration number 151038. It is our responsibility to protect your information and we're committed to protecting the privacy of any personal data you give us and we’ll be sure to comply with all applicable data protection ethics, rules and regulation (legislation)

For the purposes of relevant data protection legislation, RAII is the data controller of personal data that we hold and process about you. As an incorporated organization, we are accountable to the regulations of the government.

Thus, our activities are conducted in a sane and safe environment, both to protect members and the organization.

You can always reach us on our "Care line" or send us email at info@raii.org.ng if you have any questions or would simply like to get in touch.

Please take the time to read this Privacy Policy as it is important for you to know how we collect and use your data as part of your use of www.raii.org.ng (the website). This Privacy Policy explains how we collect, use and store the personal data you provide to us.

'Personal data' is data that relates to you and that identifies or can be used to identify you - this might be your name or email address, or other digital identifiers relating to you, such as phone number, home addresses or name of next of kin, phone number of next of kin, etc.

This Privacy Policy may change from time to time and, if it does, the most up-to-date version will be available on the website. Our Philosophy

We have a philosophy about the way we use the data you share with us and the way we communicate with you. If you are here for us, we are also here for you.

If you hear from us, we will always aim to be respectful, relevant and appropriate. If at any time you don’t feel we’ve lived up to our philosophy, please let us know by getting in touch with us or by contacting us using at info@raii.org.ng

We are proud to give you access to the website, relevant contents, related intervention, and services. We will only use your personal data in a manner which does not put you at any danger, which may include: where we need to use your data to provide information and intervention to you; where we are under a promise, contractual or legal obligation to do so; as is necessary to process (and or progress) your registration and any application you make; or when you have explicitly consented (for example, by actively signing up to receive our newsletter).

By “legitimate interests”, we mean our interests in managing the web site (the Site), the services (information and intervention) we provide and our relationship with you.

We will make sure that we take into account any potential impact that such use may have on you.

Our legitimate interests will not automatically override your interests and we won’t use your information if we feel that your interests override ours (unless, of course, you provide your consent or we have a contractual or legal obligation to use your information in that way). If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at info@raii.org.ng

This statement explains our privacy and data protection practices. If you apply to register as a member on the Site or apply for financial relief as victim of road accident receiving treatment in the hospital in Nigeria, you will be asked to provide us with your contact details and other important details relating to your background, work, social and economic status, indemnity, etc.

"How else will we use your information?" and "Will we share your information with anyone else?" See sections below for further information. Road Accident Intervention Initiative (RAII); or Third parties, including relevant organization.

We collect information (including personal data) mainly when you sign up to: (i) any of our programmes (e.g. membership, volunteer, career, etc., services offered.); (ii) our mailing list, when you provide us with information within the Site and when you benefit from our intervention.

For example, we may collect and receive personal data when you: Register for an account (for membership); Apply for financial relief (for emergency drugs, hospital bill, feeding, etc.); Apply for one of our programmes (Seminar, Conference, Training, etc.); Acquire a ticket to one of our events; Enter any sensitization, promotions, competitions or prize draws through one of our initiatives; Update your account or personal data; Provide information in connection with the financial relief or intervention support; or WILL WE USE YOUR INFORMATION FOR PROMOTION AND CAMPAIGN? Once you have given your consent to promotion and campaign, we may display offers, promotions on the Site which we think will interest you based upon the information we collect from you.

We will keep your contact details for promotion and campaign purposes and may pass your contact details to third parties (for example, relevant stakeholders, organizations and corporate partners) only if we have your consent to do so or until you tell us that you no longer wish to receive promotion and campaign materials by email, post or telephone.

You may withdraw your consent to direct promotion and campaign by any means and at any time by contacting us.

HOW ELSE WILL WE USE YOUR INFORMATION? We may also use your information (including personal data) for the following purposes: to help us make the Site available to you and to help us provide related services to you (please see the "Will we share your information with anyone else?"; to make the Site more relevant for you and our other visitors.

This includes sometimes requesting personal data from you to help us run and develop our website and related humanitarian services; to carry out occasional surveys and to analyse our user base — ultimately we want to ensure that the Site provides everything that you — our audience — is looking for; to respond to your questions and queries; to carry out research, analysis and write reports to understand our Site and how to make it better; to check whether you are eligible for an opportunity and to contact you if you win; to comply with the law; to comply with road safety’s reporting requirements; to comply with RAII reporting requirements; or as we feel is necessary to prevent illegal activity or to protect our interests.