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Road Accident Intervention Initiative (RAII) is a registered Non-Governmental Organization with registration number 151038, a pre-crash and post-crash organization founded to improve safe roads for road users and post-crash care services for road traffic accident victims through road safety advocacy and helping with emergency financial relief to victims who are members and receiving treatment in the hospital in Nigeria.

Road Accident Intervention Code (RAIC) is a unique number assigned to every member after successful registration. It can be interchangeably called RAII Number or RAII Unique Identification Number.

Registration is required to have Road Accident Intervention Initiative Code (RAII CODE) and become a member.

Road Accident Intervention Code (RAIC) is a unique code assigned to every member for ease of identification and for record purposes. It is required as one of the conditions for emergency financial relief. RAII CODE can be used to identify victims when they are unconscious. It can also be used to connect with family and next of kin of victims if the need arises. It can also aid quick admission and treatment of road traffic accident victims in an emergency case.

Membership is required to request for help (emergency financial relief) if the need arises.

Any Nigerian (or anybody resident in Nigeria) can register with Road Accident Intervention Initiative (RAII). This is to ensure safe roads for road users in Nigeria, regardless of nationality provided that they are resident in Nigeria during the subscription period and year of intervention (YOI).

Year of intervention is the subscription year, a period of the year on the registration date. This period runs from 1st of January to 31st of December of every year. Financial relief can be accessed only by victim(s) within the period of the YOI, as it appears on the registration date.

No! RAII unique code cannot be used to cover another person other than the person (subscriber) to whom it was assigned.

Victim can call for emergency financial assistance after event of road traffic accident. The incidence must be reported or registered with RAII. The report period should be between 24 hours of the incidence and the report must be accompanied with verifiable evidence (i.e photo, video, document, etc.)

Victim of road traffic accident can call for help (emergency financial assistance) one time in a year.

RAII help victims in need of urgent medical treatment in the hospital with emergency financial relief. There is no provision to take full responsibility for hospital bills of victims.

No! RAII unique code is unique to each member. Benefit cannot be transferred from/to another member or person because unique number is assigned to an individual, not to a group.

No! All financial benefit or relief is tied to respective unique number (road accident intervention code).

Yes! You can register your husband, wife, children, family, and your household on Road Accident Intervention Initiative. Registration is required for each person because unique code must be generated for every registered member. That implies you can register husband, wife, children, parent, family and friends.

Yes! An employer(s) can register employee(s), organizations can register their members, school authority can register their students and teachers, transporters can register their drivers (members), etc.

Manual application can be done in designated points through RAII State Coordinators (approved registrars) and upon successful registration notification will be sent to E-mail address or SMS to phone number of applicant. Online registration can be done from anywhere on our website ( and upon successful registration notification will be sent to E-mail address or SMS to phone number of applicant. For any enquiries on subscription or registration, call our care line (08055538395).

Applicant is required to provide his/her name, gender, age, phone number, e-mail address, home address, state of origin, local government of origin, state of residence, local government of residence, one recent passport photograph, name of next of kin, phone number of next of kin and N1,100.00 for registration. Please note that none of the information required above is used as condition for granting application or intervention but useful for administrative record keeping purposes.

RAII does not request for Bank Verification Number or Bank Account Pin in the bio data. On no account should applicant supply/provide BVN or Bank Account Secret Pin/Number/Code to anyone (vendor) for registration purpose.

No! Payment can be done online without visiting the bank. Online payment gives applicant the chance to make instant transaction. Manual registration requires cash payment at designated points through RAII State Coordinators (approved registrars).

Our online payment is integrated to Paystack payment system. Paystack’s combination of automated and manual fraud system protects you from fraudulent transactions.

No! No monthly payment is required to maintain RAII membership.

No! Donation is not tied to membership status. However, donation is solicited for pre-crash and post-crash intervention and it is subject to free will of members, non-members and donor(s).

Any person, member, non-members, individuals, Philanthropists, National and International Donors, Ministry, Department and Agency of Government, National and International Organizations, Multinational companies, Development Banks, Private companies, etc. can donate to further the course of Road Accident Intervention Initiative.

International source: RAII source funding from international organizations such as World Health Organization (WHO), United Nation Road Safety Trust Funds (UNRSTF), United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF), World Bank (WB), International Monetary Fund (IMF), etc. Locally, RAII seeks sponsorship from individual donor, institutions, company and philanthropists. Our sponsors are companies operating in transportation industry, banking institutions, manufacturing industry, communication industry, oil companies, etc. Road Accident Intervention Initiative is open for support.

Organization or company can partner with Road Accident Intervention Initiative with Community Social Responsibility (CSR). Also, RAII welcome collaboration with relevant stakeholders on safe roads for all and road safety for road users in Nigeria.

Yes! Membership is renewed yearly with 1,100.00 Naira.

Our payment system can accommodate payment above N1,100.00 but minimum registration (subscription) fee is N1,100.00. Donor(s) can send donations through direct bank transfer into the organization bank account number without going through payment system on the website.

At successful registration, unique code will be generated and sent to the E-mail address and or phone number provided by the applicant but membership status will be on hold (pending) until after 7 days effective from the date of registration. It will take Seven (7) days before membership status is approved. Membership status can be verified on the website under ‘’Verify Membership Status’’ by inserting road accident intervention code (unique code) sent to applicant’s phone number or emails address and click Send.

Yes! Violation of RAII Policy can lead to termination of membership status. Once RAII membership has been cancelled, terminated or expired, the RAIC issued by RAII is no longer valid and Membership is no longer valid, which means he/she cannot request nor qualify for emergency financial relief or intervention.

No! Every one doing volunteering work with RAII are our members. You must be member to be a volunteer of RAII. This is because every member must share common vision and run with common missions of Road Accident Intervention Initiative.

To be a volunteer you need to indicate interest in one or not more than three department(s) you would like to function in RAII. Go to and under Our Intervention, click Volunteer at RAII and fill volunteer form. Manually, you can get RAII form at designated points through RAII State Coordinators (approved registrars) and tick one or not more than three department(s) you would like to function in RAII on the application form.

There are eight (8) departments in RAII where interest for volunteering job could be indicated. We have Road Safety Information and Sensitization Department (RSISD), Media Department (MD), Registration Facilitations Department (RFD), Road Accident Alert Department (RAAD), Hospital Visitation Department (HVD), Road Situation Report Department (RSRD), Road Safety Volunteer Department (RSVD), and Grant Facilitation Department (GFD

International source: RAII receives funding from international organizations that shares similar vision with our organization. Locally, RAII get sponsorship from institutions, parasternal, foundations and philanthropists that share common interest with us. We get support and sponsorship from Banking Institutions, Communication Industry, Oil Companies, etc. Road Accident Intervention Initiative is open for your support.

RAII facilitates rescue mission and collaborates with rescue organizations such as FRSC, NPF, NSCDC, NFS, NRT, Red Cross, RAIRO, etc., to prevent road crashes and save lives of road traffic accident victims.

Yes! Road Accident Intervention Initiative (RAII) is different from National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS). RAII intervenes to help our members with emergency financial relief when the need arises.

NHIS is Governmental Scheme but RAII is Non-Governmental Organization Initiative. Certain percentage is deducted from the income of subscribers on NHIS, no percentage is deducted from the income of subscribers on RAII. Over 95% of disease conditions that afflict Nigerians are covered by the NHIS while RAII intervenes on road safety and road traffic accident cases only. This means that the scope of RAII is narrow while the scope of NHIS is very broad. NHIS is a (holistic) national health insurance scheme while RAII is singular intervention helping to prevent road traffic accident (promoting road safety) and assisting road traffic accident victims who are subscribers in Nigeria.

You can register with RAII. One of the benefits of a member is opportunity to request for help (emergency financial relief) when the need arises for urgent payment for emergency treatment of road traffic accident victims in the hospital.

English Language caller – 091 33 101 601 Yoruba Language caller – 090 750 7070 6 Hausa Language caller – 070 8623 1000 Igbo Language caller – 080 799 890 59

As a member of RAII you have access to sensitization and information on road safety in Nigeria. We mediate between road users and relevant stakeholders on road safety related matters nationally or globally. RAII assist with financial relief for the treatment of road accident victims with road accident intervention code in the hospital in Nigeria. RAII aids quick rescue, reception and treatment of road accident victims in Nigeria. It aids quick recovery of injured person due to access to timely and quality medical care services. Every Nigerians regardless of age, gender, economic, social, and religious status can benefit from the intervention as long as they are members with RAIC. RAII does not require monthly payment for members to maintain membership or qualify for help in time of need and no payback is required from victims for the financial intervention granted/received/benefited. There are employment opportunities on our platform. RAII is easy to join, affordable, reliable and accessible 24/7. Our services or interventions are humanitarian oriented.

RAII engages in road safety advocacy at all levels from the grass root, to the city and metropolitan state in Nigeria to provide road safety information to road users and prevent road accident. RAII is also a care system, a unique response to the call of World Health Organization to ‘’care for those injured in road traffic crashes.’’ RAII aims to facilitate the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of halving the global number of deaths and injuries from road traffic accident.

RAII aims to end serious financial, social and legal consequences suffered by Good Samaritan (those who assist road accident victims), consequently encouraging people to offer help without fear of who will stand in for the victims in the hospital or who will pay the initial hospital bills. It enables easy and quick identification of road traffic accident victims and connection with relatives and family. The introduction of RAII makes it possible for our Volunteers to offer help to road traffic accident victims without the fear of identity and financial burdens.

NO! RAII is NOT insurance organization. RAII does not take up risk of any form. RAII is humanitarian organization and provides support or help to road traffic accident victims to enable access to timely and qualitative medical treatment.