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Road Accident Intervention Initiative (RAII) is a registered Non-Governmental Organization with registration number 151038, founded to improve road safety and help road traffic accident victims in Nigeria.

Road Accident Intervention Initiative engages relevant stakeholders for the purpose of safe roads and support with financial relief for payment of emergency hospital bills of road accident victims who are subscribed members of RAII and receiving treatment in the hospital in Nigeria.

Prevention is better than cure. Our organization give more to educating and sensitizing road users (pedestrians, vehicle occupants, drivers, motorcyclists and cyclists) for the purpose of preventing avoidable and predictable road crashes in Nigeria. The road behaviors and skills required to ensure safety on the roads are equally promoted. We also promote safe roads and road infrastructures supportive of human errors in other to minimize fatality on the roads.

The financial relief paid on behalf of victims for emergency treatment in the hospital will enable timely and qualitative access to medical treatment. The intervention is important to reduce financial costs which can constitute significant constraint to medical care. It will also ease financial burden suffered by victims and reduce deaths and disabilities sustained as a result of inability to seek timely and qualitative medical treatment.

The initiative is both pre-crash and post-crash intervention for road users in Nigeria. The financial relief granted is to help road accident victims and it is non-refundable. Membership annual subscription of N1,100 is required for registration and important for financial stability and the sustainability of our organization. Your subscription and donation will help meet the funding needed in order to run our day-to-day operations.

Road Accident Intervention Initiative is funded with subscription and donation from Members, Non-members, Individuals, Philanthropists, National and International donors; International organizations, Multinational companies, National organizations, Ministry, Department, Agency of government etc. who believe their financial support for the work we are doing can make the difference and save lives on the roads.

We work with team of passionate, committed, resourceful, innovative, dynamic, accountable and transparent people in Nigeria. RAII also join force and partner with credible relevant National and International organizations working to achieve similar goals.

Saving and caring for road accident victims, to reduce road traffic death and disability in Nigeria.

1. Facilitating timely rescue of road accident victims in Nigeria.

2. Providing financial relief for timely and qualitative treatment of road accident victims in the hospital in Nigeria.

3. Committing relevant stakeholders to the vision of Road Accident Intervention Initiative and safe road for road users in Nigeria.

4. To organize public meeting, seminars, workshop, conference, lectures and exhibitions to educate and enlighten motorist and road users.

5. To engage and promote humanitarian services aim at ameliorating the suffering of the people in the society.

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Partnership is the hallmark of success and sustainability of every viable project.
Road Accident Intervention Initiative receives partnership from:

1. Members

2. Volunteers

3. Philanthropists

4. National Government (Local, State and Federal)

5. Private Sector Operators (Companies; Transport, Communication, Banking, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, etc.)

6. International Donors

7. National Organizations

8. International Organizations

9. Multinational Development Banks

10. Among others

1. Road Safety Information and Sensitization Department (RSISD)

2. Media Department (MD)

3. Registration Facilitations Department (RFD)

4. Road Accident Alert Department (RAAD)

5. Hospital Visitation Department (HVD)

6. Road Situation Report Department (RSRD)

7. Road Safety Volunteer Department (RSVD)

8. Grant Facilitation Department (GFD)

Think road safety first

Drive under safe speed

Cross the road only when it is safe

Pass at a safe distance

Do not over-speed

Do not drive impaired

Check the vehicle regularly before you put it on the road

Do not overload the vehicle and stay within required capacity for safety

Do not drink and drive

Put the phone down while on the road

Avoid making or picking calls while driving

Chatting or texting while driving is unsafe action

Walk on sidewalks

Walk where you can be most visible

Do not chat while walking on the road

Walk facing the traffic as pedestrian

Look left, right, and left for traffic

Watch and slow down for children, aged and people with disability

Observe the road signs

Keep to the driving rules

Look and then look again before turning

Use the seat belt

Use the helmet

Use your lights

Use your horn/hoot

Stop for people in crosswalks — every intersection is a crosswalk

Drive the posted speed limit, or slower if conditions make visibility difficult

Watch for people walking or biking near business centers, markets, schools, shopping districts, and other destinations